Camel Treks - General Information

Camel Safaris in Eilat desert
Who can participate? Everyone.
The route and type of ride have been built to suit all ages.
Child under the age of 7 rides together with an adult over 18.
Weight restriction 120K per person

What time and how often? The treks go out every day apart from Sundays all year round.
The times that the treks start depends on the time of the year so it is important that you
check with us ahead of time.

How many riders in a group? The treks go out with a maximum 16 riders.
If you are a small family or group of friends you can join a regular trek.
If you are a large group we will divide the riders into sub groups.

What to bring? It is advisable to wear long trousers, shoes or closed sandals, a hat, a light jacket, (especially for the evening treks).

Book in advance – so that we can advise you about the various trips and reserve you places

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