Rope Park Eilat

High above the ground with about 700 meters of routes and
3 degrees of difficulty is our rope park. We have swings, zip lines, climbing nets, rope
bridges and even a high riding bicycle .
The park is suited to all from groups of school children up to top army units. No need for
any previous experience just the willingness to try something new.
The park has been built to high European standards using professional equipment and
Is staffed with highly trained instructors.

The adventure begins in the "classroom" our instructor will take you through all the stages
needed to enable you to enjoy your day with perfect safety. Then it is time to get dressed
in the gear and to pass through our training course where you will experience all the various
stages of the park under the eagle eyes of our instructor . Having passed successfully
through all the training you will receive your bracelet which gives you entrance to the

To enable all to enjoy, the park is split into different degrees of difficulty each marked with
a different colour.

The easy route is suitable for children ( minimum height 1.20 m and age 6+) and families – marked green.
  • The hard route – marked red.
  • The extreme route – marked black.
  • The zip lines are marked blue.

It is easy to navigate between the different routes and with three hours to spend on the park
any combination of routes is possible.

Bungo Jump.
When finished on the rope park , for an additional fee , you can round of the day by taking
our 15 meter free falling jump. All that is needed is some courage to take one step into
space . Each jump is supervised by one of our trained instructors.

Activity Hours SUMMER 2022
17:00 - 19:00
last entrance until 19:00

  • Adult over age 12 - 115 shekels
  • Child up to age 11- 106 shekels
  • Bungo jump additional charge – 30 shekels

The park is closed on Sundays
For groups please make advance bookings

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