Students at The Ranch - Eilat

The Eilat Camel Ranch invites your students to an unforgettable day in the desert.

We offer a wide ranging variety of educational activities.

In order to reach this target we have a combination of action and the desert.
This enables the students to go back to their roots and to strengthen their social
and personal values , such as patience, mutual help, strength and friendship.

With almost 30 years experience our team is able to produce a student activity that
will suit every kind of request. The team will guide the school through all the stages
from designing the event till it is put into action.

The events are run by well trained Ranch staff.
The Ranch is situated just 7 minutes from the center of Eilat, in a quiet closed and
protected site.
The event at the Ranch is adapted to the age of the group and is complies to all the
requirements, security and insurance laid down by the law.

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